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"Gunshots ring in the distance, like the thunder before a storm.  Criminals run these streets, recruit.  They believe they have a right to do this.  They believe they have a rightful manifesto... they don't.  This city has given us licenses to kill.  They have given us, citizens, permits to stop these criminals however we see fit.

This is war.  A civil war, recruit.  The mayor doesn't know how to deal with this.  This has given our superiors the right to mobilize us into the situation.  This city is filled with filth and degradation... and it is our job to get rid of them by any means necessary.  We may have a permit from the city, but we don't need that.  We are the eyes, ears, and gun-toting hand of the Order in this city.  Someone commits a crime, we know about it.  Someone murders a citizen, we know about it.  We don't care about these people, recruit.  We don't care about these citizens.  They are a lost cause, casualties of war, and if any of them survive this war then so be it... but we are not here to prance around ordering people to stop what they are doing.  This city is a cancer.  We're just here to cure it. 

That, recruit... is why I ran over that old lady this morning.  Now grab your guns and your tazers.  It's time to go hunting."

-Director Richard "Ouroboros"
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Ouroboros9, Jan 30, 11 1:17 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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